I have just bought the COLD SWEAT calibrated set!!


Any how, i had them fitted to my Jackson, then with two push pull pots, to give maximum sonic diversity, along with the same five-way switch.

That means i can have the outer or inner coils split and on their own, plus have the humbuckers on their own or together, which im thinkin, is pretty neat!

Slight problem is, it was set up for two buckers and a single coil in the middle, i took this out, cause i hated the sound. Is it worth it, buying a single coil (AND WHAT ONE WOULD WORK WITH THESE TWO HUMBUCKERS) and changing the switch and push-pull pots OR shall i leave it open without one??

well would you like to have a single coil or not? easiest thing to do is leave the single in there and just dummy it by removing the wires that connect it to the switches so it becomes useless and do whatever you want with the 5 way switch
Or put in some nice hot single coils like some Hot Rails.
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