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right now mins start me up by the rolling stones, the easiest song i've learned and most fun just a few simple chords and everyone knows it (or they should do).
Please dont say van halens eruption because you want everyone to think your amazing which you may well be, if your favourite sons a nursry rhyme just come out and say it.

be cool trigs
so many

crossroads by cream
SRV lenny
SRV - testify
gary moore - tell me a woman
fleetwood mac - need your love so bad
freddie king - the stumble..

ah so many more, You should never have just one favourite song to play
I enjoy playing Still got the Blues by Gary Moore. Pity I can't play the solo.
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mines gotta be atreyu- my fork in the road (your knife in my back) coz of the intro, rock on atreyu

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I like playing Over the Hills and Far Away.
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RHCP - under the bridge
RHCP - dani california
Nirvana - rape me
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo chile
all the chili peppers songs.
2112- rush
closer to the heart - rush
orion - metallica
eugenes trick bag - vai
On acoustic: Santeria - Sublime, or Point/Counterpoint - Streetlight Manifesto
On electric tuned down: Stabwound - Necrophagist
On electric in Standard: Welcome to Bucketheadland - Buckethead
1.Crazy Train-Zakk Wyldes virs
2.Hypnotize-System of a down
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master of puppets
for whom the bell tolls
kissing the shadows and hangar 18 or any other metallica stuff but i cant play the whole song expect for whom the bell tolls
Technical Difficulties - Racer X
Green Tinted Sixties Mind - Mr. Big
Take A Walk - Mr. Big
Fr Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Ibanez Prestige RG1570 ftw!
Metallica - One
Papa Roach - Last Resort

and many more
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Hanger 18 is a Megadeth song

Another Kind of Green - John Mayer
Rude Mood - SRV
Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
Get Your Guns - Nine Black Alps
Tool - Prison Sex, Parabola, Vicarious, The Pot
A Perfect Circle - The Hollow, Magdelena
Slipknot - Eyeless, Surfacing, Spit It Out
Pearl Jam - Alive, Rearviewmirror, Even Flow, Animal, World Wide Suicide
Stone Sour - Idle Hands, Monolith
Coheed & Cambria - Wake Up, Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial), The Suffering
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RHCP- Under the bridge
Graham Coxon- Standing on my own again, freaking out
The Who- Pinball wizard
Oasis- Half the world away
Snow Patrol- Run
Foo Fighters- Everlong
Futureheads- Decent days and nights, hounds of love
Arctic Monkeys- When the sun goes down, I bet you look good on the dancefloor
Hives- Two timing touch and broken bones
all the RHCP that i know, expecially under the bridge
Hendrix-little wing, castles made of sand, and purple haze
the solo from another brick in the wall, many more...
Hangar 18
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
iron maiden - ghost of the navigator
iron maiden - fear of the dark
deep purple - smoke on the water

yngwie malmsteen - far above the sun (nah im just kidding ;0 )
I like Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
One Last Breath - Creed
My Sacrifice - Creed
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja - Lostprophets
In Too Deep - Sum 41
Thank You For the Venom (minus the solo) - My Chemical Romance
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right now mins start me up by the rolling stones, the easiest song i've learned and most fun just a few simple chords and everyone knows it (or they should do).
Please dont say van halens eruption because you want everyone to think your amazing which you may well be, if your favourite sons a nursry rhyme just come out and say it.

be cool trigs

um...What if my favorite song to play is Eruption? It's not even a hard song.

Mine would be:

Purple Haze
Crazy Train

I love those songs.
Purple Haze by Hendrix

and Mary Had a Little Lamb by SRV, though I still unfortunately don't have the solo down. But it's cool to tell people you know how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb and they don't know what you're talking about until you play it.
RHCP songs especially UNDER THE BRIDGE,
plenty of MUSE songs,
when i want to rock out i like to play TOXICTY - SOAD i love it, not hard but its fun to play,
also now that my speed is building up (ive only been playing since february, but im practising a hell of a lot) i can play FADE TO BLACK, FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS and MASTER OF PUPPETS i still havent got the second solo perfect but near enough but that song is a ****in marathon my left hand is near dead when i play it but anyhoo thats it,
its also fun to play JIMMY EAT WORLD'S song there easy and good to rock out to

Iced Earth:
The Phantom of the opera Ghost
Ghost of Freedom

Iron Maiden:

Fear of the Dark
Hallowed be thy name


Fade to Black
And justice for All


10th Man Down


Alpha and Omega

a lot but its cool
even though i am not the biggest metallica fan i cant resist the feel of master of puppets.

And Purple haze By jimi hendrix (fun solo to play)
Hmmm, if im in a total 'can't be arsed' mood, i usually just strum power chords in the likes of Green Days 'Brain Stew/Jaded' or Blink-182's 'Dammit'...

But if im feeling like something not as easy (not exactly hard though) Muse - Plug In Baby or Hysteria (Also by Muse).....

I also like to tune to a drop-d and play Everlong by Foo Fighters
Is There Anybody Out There? - Pink Floyd
School - Supertramp(playing the chords along to the piano part)
Fire on High - ELO
Metallica - Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman
Megadeth - Kick the Chair, Holy Wars
Yngiwe - Vengeance
Most Megadeth is hella fun to play, but I especially like Skin O' My Teeth, that is just a fun song all around.
At the moment i've been messing around with The Rain Song (Zeppelin) on mynew accoustic

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i have hundreds but as of right now id have to say green tinted sixties mind- mr big(such an awesome intro) yankee rose by david lee roth, just like paradise by david lee roth... uhh idk tons
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Crazy train- Ozzy
Master of puppets- Metallica
Symphony of Destruction- Megadeth
Bat Country- Avenged Sevenfold
War Pigs -Black Sabbath
Miserlou -Dick Dale
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my favorite song to play is No penguins in alaska by Chiodos
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Moby Dick for sure. Love that song. Oh, and Miserlou. So easy and fun to play, but people are really impressed when you play it.
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