So i can sweep good enough but i have problems sweeping arpeggios like this.The 16 is what i'm having problems with...i heard that your meant to roll..but what do they mean by this?The way i have been doing it is baring it and i cant really do it,so it sounds like crap.
So any advice please?

Guitar 1 - Note: He is not sweep picking
2x (A major Arpeggio shifted up a whole step)

Also that arpeggio is from bloodlust of the human condition by unearth....the tab says it's not meant to be sweeped but i can't see how else he can play it so fast....can someone check the song out and tell me if he does or does not sweep.
thanks in advance!
you move your wrist mostly but you dont twist your hand so id say youd have to use your elbow a little too....
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