Hey guyss
Im in a punk/metal/rock band
and i need a guitar for shredding cause i love shredding
but i also need a guitar for cleans and like more punk stuff rather than metal
so im thinking about getting 2 guitars
the schecter hellraiser c1 fr
and a c1 plus..
and i had a question about the HRC1FR
does it have a floating tremelo? if so is it any good?
(i know about the rg 1570 and i plan on gettin one in the future lol)
but any opinions? do you guys think i should get different guitars than these?
maybe a les paul for cleans and punk stuff?
I just wanted yalls opinon...
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You could easily find a guitar that can do both well. Just a personal choice. Go to your local store and play different models and see what sounds nice and what doesn't.
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HRC1FR does have a floating trem and yes it is good its one of the best out there nowadays OFR. and from what ive heard they have a pretty beefy neck so dont know how good it would be for shredding.

but i reckon you should probably upgrade your amp as well