okay my band is covering this song and we have it all down and all except for the solo my guitarist cant get the sound cause we know that tom uses a whammy pedal but we cant really afford one since there 200 dollars and all and we really dont know how to go around this problem to get toms sound if anyone could help that would be great
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if you have a floyd rose. then huge up pulls otherwise dont know if there are any cheaper alternatives. you could always look for one through ebay and pawnshops
you could try splitting the part onto two guitars and try to get it down, otherwise start saving

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You can buy a Digitech Rp80. Its like, 100 bucks and has a whammy patch. It may not sound quite as good as the original whammy, but its a hell of a lot cheaper.

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My band owns this song when we play.. I said it.. lol... Except the deal is I bought the phaser,WH-1, etc. I love the reaction we get when we pull it off. I really don't see how you could pull off the solo w/o having a whammy. It just wouldn't sound right.... and remember: People are counting on you not to f*** up their favorite Rage song. So think about it long and hard and think, "So, would I like it if I was out in the crowd?" Alright... 2 cents.
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