Got this idea from the Accoustic Forum (Kudos to the starter, that thread really really helped me). So since thta thread help me get a grasp on some songs to start on for accoustic, lets do the same for electric.

song name and artist


skill level- I would like you to provide both a numeric value(1-10, 1 being easy and 10 being hard) and a brief verbal description of the skills required to play the song. The description does not need to be too specific, just a general description so that people can get an idea of whether or not they could play it well at their ability level.

technique- fingerpicking, hybrid picking, picking, or whatever the technique used to play this song is

why this song?- please provide a brief description of why you chose to add this song to the list. Why you enjoy playing it, why you believe others should play it, or anything else you deem necessary
appropriate occasions this could be used for- this is what type of event or occasion the song would be appropriate for (if any). This is optional obviously, if you don't believe that it could be used for any specific occasion then there is no need to include this in your post.

Link- please post a link to the tabs if available (no links that are not from UG please

SAme as the accoustic section. its to help other people see what some easy and hard songs to play at thier level.
The Wanton Song-Led Zeppelin

Classic Rock

skill level-donno

techniques- it's got a lot of alternate picking while skipping strings, and some weird chords that are good for practice

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Do You Feel Like We Do?- Peter Frampton

Classic Rock

Technique: Uses some alternate picking

Difficulty Level: 6/10

This is just an incredibly creative song to play. If you own a Wha peddle, you can use it for the talkbox parts. This song is also 14 minutes long, so know what you're getting into!
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Alrighty Im gonna try to revive this thread because I think if people contribute more than itll be a great help to the electric community... so who would like to contribute? Last attempt at reviving this...
For whom the bell tolls- Metallica
skill- 7ish or 6.5
i really like this song
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Skill: 2

Reason:It's a good beginner song just simple power chords and the chorus is basically the verse backwards with a little change.
Stairway to Heaven Solo by Zeppelin

Classic Rock

skill level- 4

technique- pull off's, bends...

why this song?- why not this song? Let's face it, you know the acoustic part but you don't think your good enough for the solo. Well guess what? It's not that hard, and it'll impress people as well as be a good learning and practice tool.

Link- seriously. just look up stairway to heaven and go with the one with 5000 5-star ratings
Crazy Train by Ozzy

Classic Rock / Metal

skill level- 7

technique- trills, tapping, alternate picking, natural harmonics w/ whammy bar

why this song?- Because its challenging, sounds great, and goes well with any occasion

Link- the highest rated tab is good for the whole song up to the solo, then look up one of the powertabs/guitarpros.
John Petrucci - State of Grace

Genre: JP plays prog metal but this song is very light and soothing.

Skill: 2 maybe 3 (probably the easiest song ever written by John)

Technique: Sliding, Bending, Hammer-ons/Pull-offs, Vibrato

Why do I enjoy it? Its a very soft and calm song, the song only has piano (jordan rudess) and guitar (JP). Its very relaxing to play this.

Not sure if there is a tab anywhere, but the song is in the key of D minor, its fairly easy to tab out.
RHCP - Funky Monks

Genre - Punk/Funk rock

skill - to have it sound right, maybe 2, to really play it, like 5 or 6

technique - Rythem, groove, two string bending, hammer-on/off

Why this song? Because it will really tell you if you have good flow or not
Ac/Dc - Back In Black

Genre - Hard Rock

Skill Level - 3ish


Every guitarist should know this song, being one of the classics like Stairway and Smoke on the Water. Learning the solo will help you start out soloing, as it is fairly simple, but will show you more than just learning scales and techniques can. The rhythm is really rather easy, and will get you really solid on those powerchords.
Lamb of God - Omerta

Skill Level: 2 or 3

This song is great for people trying to get into playing metal as a beginner on guitar. It's a freaking sweet and heavy song, but it is very simple.
Highway To Hell- AC/DC
Style: Classic rock
Skill Level: 2
Techniques: Bending, strumming, hammer ons, pull offs, pick scratch
Why this song?: Almost everybody have heard it. It is very easy to play and a great song to play in a band. Once you get the rythm the song can sound great to.

Whole Lotta Love
Style: Classic rock
Skill Level: 4
Techniques: Bending, palm muting, hammer ons, pull offs
Why this song?: It's one of Zeppelin's best. A great classic riff and a great solo. When played right it can sound amazing to.
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