Well basically when I play leads on any distorted patch on my multi fx, i get an annoying scratching sound of the plectrum on the string. I'm not scraping it or anything, it just seems to be the tiny bit of contact which is making the noise. Does anyone know if there's anything I can do? Thanks
yeah i get that too, like if i try to play a dotted eigth note, i always get a sound after it trying to mute the strings, i guess it's just cuz the pickups are so sensitive on high gain settings. i donno what to do about it though
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thanks and also do u know if my gear is playing a part it being a strat copy and crappy practise amp?
try playing through your neck pickup with the tone knob at a low level.
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I don't know why you posted this in this forum, but i'd say that it's not sounding that great because of your technique and beginners set up. I believe someone has sigged me about Stagg's before...