when the guitar's volume knob is turned all the way down, there is no noise (hissing, buzzing). when i turn up the volume the amp hisses and buzzes. the amount of noise can be affected depending on where i'm standing, the outlet the amp is plugged, any other electronic items near by. i know that some of this is unavoidable, but will a noise filter help? is that what they are for? and where do they go? before the amp or in the efx loop.

also, how do you use an eq pedal? does it go before the amp? in the efx loop. do you tone your amp to your liking and then adjust the eq to make it better? or do you set all amp tone controls to neutral and use the eq pedal to shape your tone?

what does a compressor do, and does it affect the heavy overdrive channel (sound clips from manufacturers websites don't demo this with distortion channel), and would it go before the amp or in the fx loop?

if it matters... double coil pickups, tube amp, heavy overdrive channel
Almost everyone here would recommend an ISP noise decimator. Quite pricey, but you get what you pay for
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Noise filter or equiliser is good. Get Boss. A crappy one will be a nuissance.

Boss noise filters suck. ISP ftw.

The noise filter will greatly help your problem.

EQ pedal goes in the fx loop. You experiment and find a tone you like. Or you take a sound engineering degree.

Harmony Central has an article about compressors somewhere. Essentially they cut off the volume spikes, then makes everything louder to compensate, thus giving what sounds like, a more compressed dynamic range.
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