Im thinking of buying one of these amps, they seem to be really well spoken of. I was wondering if anyone ever had any problems with them or if this is a good amp for a wide variety of styles.
I have had the Vox AD50VT for over a year and have not had any problems with it. it has a good clean channel, and good distortion channels, and even some distortion channels for metal, so all around its a good amp
yea i bought that amp and two days later it imploded and they refused to give me my money back
I've heard the odd story of the amps breaking done, did they mess up on a few or something?
Quote by guitar_freak523
my clean doesnt seem to be that loud any tips to make it louder?

Raise the channel volume of the cleans and lower the channel volume of the distortions and balence it out.

But yeah i have got the amp and its really good for the buck.
yeah i have the AD30VT and its awesome, i rly like the effects on it too
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