Not sure if this is the right forum, but if its not, a mod will move it. Right basically, i downloaded audacity the other day and earlier i recorded a song of my own just plugging my electro-acoustic into my computer and recording. I then saved it. When i checked where i'd saved it, there was my file i had made as well as a folder full of media player files, relevant to the one i had just created somehow.

For some reason i cannot open the file i created, it simply doesn't work or apparently exist. How can i change the format of my created song so that it is an mp3. I say this because i have just created a purevolume account and am unsure of how to changed its format so that i can actually upload it.

Sorry if thats really long winded and confusing, but i need help with this, i am a bit of a pillock when it comes to stuff like this. If you need to know anything else regarding the matter just ask.

Cheers for all your help in advance, really appreciate it!!
you can download programs that change the song to a mp3. "lame_enc.dll" is one program, google it.
^^How do you use it and where is it?

Edit: I'll make it less confusing, basically after i have finished recording something how do i save it and change it to an mp3 so i can play it and upload it to my purevolume acount. Cheers guys!
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as nirvanalives said, google that file, when u try to save as an .mp3 file on audacity, it will ask you to look for lame_enc.dll... so go look for it and voila, your song in .mp3
Donwload the LAME mp3 encorder program, and then when you're done with your song, click "file" and then "Export as mp3".
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