when the time comes to think about replacing the valves in my JCM 900 i was thinking about some other valves, other than the EL34s already in it. i was looking on eurotubes and came across E34Ls, could someone please give me some info on them, mainly how they sound in comparison to EL34s, but also how the volume differs in comparison to EL34s (as i know, or have read somewhere, that EL34s and EL84s, for example, have a different output volume in comparison with each other), the amount of gain i will be able to get from the E34Ls compared to the EL34s, the difference in headroom (the opposite to the previous question i presume) and any other information that may sway me either way.

thanks in advance,
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Well if you did actually look at the E34L on eurotubes, then it answers every question you just about asked.
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