Hey i just started building a fuzz pedal but the wire i got(24/0.2) is too thick to go through the circuit board-would it be okay to use a thinner wire? or if i put half of the wire through would it still work?
yea it will be ok if you use some thinner wire, you really dont have a choice because only using half of the strands is sort of half assed.
24 gauge wire is pretty thin. Are you sure you cant get it through? Are you using a perfboard? Veroboard? PCB? Is should be able to go through any of those. Maybe use solid wire if that works for you. I would use solid wire for onboard wiring, and stranded for offboard. Maybe you can tin the wire so it goes through easier.
The wire i have is stranded. The board i have is a normal strip board. I think i'll just get thinner wire. BTW call1800ksmyazz you inspired me to make a pedal! 4fuzz was well kool!!
^ i think you've inspired us all, i mean c'mon your an amazing builder and you're only 14!! you give hope to all of the noobies that they too may one day build an awesome pedal.
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Well you see.... This is a positive ground pedal (PNP). The + of the battery will go to ground. The - will go to the input.

Okay so another stupid question, how do i ground it? do you mean the output of the circuit board?
If you look on the layout, there is a long connection of a bunch of things along the right, bottom, and left of the whole board. You see that connection? Well that is the ground. Connect the +9v to there.
Thanks for all the help. Electronics is not my strong point you see, maths is!!