i need you guys opinion im gonna buy some new strings i like ghs but i want to get some thing else can you give me some ideas on what i should get
i dont like earnie ball they have bad tone but i do like d'adario and i got like 25 to spend so ill try out a few brands see what i like
i like ernie balls slinky tops heavy bottoms but i dont think theyd work properly unless you cut off the anchors on the bottom
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ive found earny ball tend to break pretty easy. so i use diadario. but theres not to much differnce. -chris-
well you gotta do it to all strings if you got a floyd and they wouldnt fit any way
personally i use DR strings and think theyre good. they arent expensive, sound good, and seem to last a good ammount of time. if you plan on trying a bunch of strings, i would try them out.
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What kind of strings do you recommend for a Squier affinity strat?

try ernie ball or d'addario. but the we cant tell you becauseits ultimately something you decide for yourself