Just got a Fender FM15 DSP amp along with a Fender STrat HSS. Plugged it in at home and it doesn't make a sound. The little red light is on, I can hear the little feedback when I stick my head next to it, the volumes up to five. I swear it's on the right channel to. (I tried both). I my cable no good, is it something with the amp, the pickups? What is the problem?

Any kind of suggestions would be nice,
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is the volume on your guitar up? sounds easy, but might be it. since they're both new, it's hard to guess, though.
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Yeah everything's up. It's gonna be funny when it works though cuz I'm gonna blast my ears out.
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maby the fuse in the plug has blown. make sure none of the wires are lose. look inside the instruction booklet. im not sure but my vox amp has a reset process for effects and stuff, look in the booklet to see if theres one. or if not fone the place where u bought it coz if sumin has happoned to it then there mite be a garanty to it or sumin. thats all i can think of so gd luck to ya. -chris-