I have just started to do a lot of slapping a popping, and I was wondering if there was any reason someone could give me to not pop with my middle finger. Basically, do you think there is some kind of benefit I would get from using my index instead?
You should use both, or at least thats what I do. Gives me more speed when I alternate between the two.
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You don't really get much of an advantage with one over the other; it's just a matter of personal preference.
But I do see there being an advantage using both.
my experience with popping has been get comfortable with both, so when u play someone elses bass and that bass rerally needs a string change and it rips one of your fingers apart u can always use the other one
i've never come into contact with the need to alternate...i've been fast enough to just use my index...but if middle feels comfortable, then it really doesn't matter
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