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Well, i don't know this song, but it sounds good. Your voice is a bit hard to understand at times, but the reverb on it is perfect. There are a few vocal errors but nothing really too noticeable, but at times it sounds like you're trying to stretch words to keep the rhythm after saying them too quickly. I dunno if that was what you were going for, but it's just what i'm noticing.
Overall, nice job...not my style but quite good nonetheless, i give you a thumbs up as well
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Listening while I go. Vocals sound good, like there tone for this song alot! Couple spots where your reaching to stay with the song like someone else said but I probably would not have noticed if he hadnt said anything. Ive never heard this song either! Guitar work sounds solid. Not sure what you used to record but Id probably turn the master volume up on the mix, had to crank it to hear it. Good job 8/10
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