Since im heading out to school soon, i figured it would be good to get some recording in before i leave all my nice stuff behind. Whats a more fun reason to record than a contest? So Incubus is the band for this cover contest, and the rules are pretty simple and straight forward.

1. Any number of instruments is fair game, anything from a full band to a cappella is fine.

2. In relation to #1, the vocals or vocal melody must be present in some way shape or form. Just singing is cool, using an instrument to play the melody works, or just use your imagination for something cool.

3. Avoid using downloaded backing tracks if you can. Im not going to say you absolutly cant use them, but its kind of a cheap way out. Programing an instrument into a sequencer yourself if fine, just dont download stuff.

4. Creativity is key. Sure you can just play the exact song as recorded, but feel free to get creative and make the cover your own.

5. Dont start if you arent going to finish. If you sign up, I will expect a contribution from you unless you give warning you wont be able to finish

Ok, so just post what song you are doing if you would like to participate. Im thinking the due date will be August 25 so everyone gets 2 weeks, but if people arent down with that i can consider changing it. Sign up list is below and I will keep it updated as best as possible.

1. jof1029 - stellar
2. Peaceful Rocker - sick sad little world
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I'll record sick sad little world

oh and would it be ok for me to colaberate with someone else on this site?
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if no one else enters im probably gonna either extend the deadline past friday, or just scrap this. doesnt really seem to be enough interest. unless you just wanna do a 1v1 contest? not exactly what i was hoping for, but id be ok with it.
lmao, i guess nobody else likes this band

incubus is really cool, lets just say **** it, doesnt appear that anybody else will be entering.
Man, I'd love to do something like this, but I don't have time, or the access to any equipment whatsoever (except my guitar, of course.)
yeah incubus has always been one of my favourite modern rock bands, I listen to A Crow Left In The Murder all the time love that album