So I was thinking and I decided that I really need to upgrade on my guitar tone. I was thinking of buying a new fender strat (the cheap one) to go along with my Crate 120 watt amp. But I was thinking of changing the pick ups on it with EMG's. What is your opinion? I don't really play metal..the closest thing to metal that i play is Van Halen and Ozzy. What pick ups do you recommend?

I was also thinking about strings. What kind of strings are easy to bend, but still fit the gauges of a strat?

I own a digitech multi effect processor. I don't really like it so i was thinking of buying a POD XT Live Pedal. Any opinions or suggestions?

Also, what picks are well made, quality picks that also sound good.

As you can see, I'm trying to acheive a personal tone that I like...any help will be greatly appreciated
I think you should sell that crate amp (IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT) and get a better one. I don't know but I hate crate amps tone with a passion.

Don't worry about upgrading pups or anything like that until you have a pretty good amp. The amp is the most important part of your tone.
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yeah and once u get a rippin amp then get he pd xt live i have one it kicks ass but its not the best so try it out at guitar center or something first but emg would give to MUCH a metal sound i thinki would go with the fender tex-mex pups for a gnarly tone even though in my strat i have D'marzios they kick ass for anytone but theyre a bit on the expensive side
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i got a MIM strat and i love it the stock pups are fine, IMO, but if you wantes you could upgrade em
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Try the EMGS. I mean like.. I like EMG single coils, you might too. But they give you a very unique tone. They arent just for metal either, people just take advantage of their high output by playing metal.
AMP! GET A NEW AMP! The amp is most of your tone and to upgrade the best way would be to get a new amp.