Ill refrain from saying another word, I know I?m wrong, but I?m running my mouth like this front is actually strong, strong enough to hold my heart, strong enough to endure these drugs, strong enough to end this start, strong enough for a true love.

So if love is just a feeling, then why cant you forget it just as easily, and if nerves and conscience are the dealing, then why cant science pass through its periphery?

Maybe its just me, but my head is hurting at the sight of life, water, and light, and as time passes it seems as though my conscience yearns for something like a night, where the dark is sharper then a knife, and the happiness turns to strife.

So as my cigarette burns and my friend sits to the right, these stories get old but they?re the closest thing to that once bright light, where we sat under trees and smoked like its the only thing that kept us alive, but now I realize I was no where near alive until you passed through my eyes.

a little bit self indulgent i know, but hey, you cant put up some kind of hardcore male persona all the time. **** that.
It is the moment that you are living in, and not the one that follows that makes the mess you are cleaning in your head.