ok so i've had an american Fender Strat for quite sometime now, but it was only recently that i discovered the absolute MAGIC of the neck pup on that guitar.. when i switch it to only that pickup and play it clean, MAN, the thick, warm, sharp bluesy tone makes me **** myself!! (think Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms or Tom Morello's trademark bluesy overdriven tone)
so here's my question.. I'm in LOVE with this tone, and i'm so sure i'll be screwed without it.. I don't want a fender anymore, though, because i want a locking trem and a thinner neck (basically more shred-friendly).
i've decided to get the Ibanez RG 1570 or the RG2570, but i want to know if i'll be able to achieve such a sound, even if its SIMILAR, from the single coil in these guitars? is there a particular single coil i can get put in to get this tone? will i completely lose this tone with the RG??
you could get a american deluxe strat HSS with trem it should have nearly the same tone plus you get locking trem
well, i want a different guitar, and also the prestige neck on the RG's.
also, I was just looking at the DiMarzio website, and they have a whole bunch of single coils out there, but they're classified as 'Strat' pickups.. will it be possible for me to put one of those hum-cancelling ones instead of the single coil in the RG?? the DiMarzio Virtual Vintage Blues and some other ones sound pretty much like what I want.
you could try to find and adler body super strat (prolly a jackson since ibanez has more basswood guitars) n put a single coil in the neck
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Check out a Jackson Soloist.
It has an H S S pickup configuration,
A fast neck,
and a Floyd Rose.

IMO it fits your requirements better than the rg can
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yes you can use those dimarzios that are classified as strats in any single coil position as long as its not the bridge one thats designed to be put in slanted. But you could probably either throw in one of those dimarzios in you new rg or just buy a texas special and put it in ( it might look a little wierd tho).
Why don't you just buy whatever guitar you want, and then change the neck pickup for the one in your strat.
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