I gota marshall mg30dfx (dont take the mickey) and was wondring whether there would be any point in getting the guv'nor. Im looking for a pedal that can produce a variation of sounds from soem metal tones to some classic crucbh tones. I'm going for the guv'nor as it's cheap. I was also wondering if there would be any point in buyign 2 seperate fx pedals such as the line6 metal zone and another distortion pedal. Or the guv'nor and ds-2 turbo distortion?

thank you
Hmm... I've heard the Guv'nor is pretty good. Two seperate pedals would only be useful when they're very different. I think you should stick with one pedal for now, though.
well ive been onto the site and i liek what i hear from the guv,nor but is that the actual guv,nor on its own or have they got soem other pedals in there. If the guv'nor isnt so hot then i was wonderign whether line6 dr.distorto or line6 crucnhtone are any good. I've heard them too and im pretty satisfied but wodnerign if any can tell me if they really are?