I really really wanna play this song, problem is Ive only beenplaying electric for about 2 weeks (LOL). However, I am a natural at guitar, and have already gotten down some Black Sabbath (I kno sabbath is easy) and Some other songs.

THe only problem I have with Electric and Accoustic is that I cant fingerpick fast enough. The Hammerfall song goes like this (Somethin close to thise)

0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 (5 and 7 first and second string) 0-0-0-0-

But I cant pick that fast. Any suggestions? What fingers and motions to use?
you gotta just keep goin, i mean it takes longer than a few weeks to play fast enough for those kinda songs. keep at it.
U may be doing what im doing.

I have to much of the pick on the strings. You should only be using about 1/4 of the pick to pluck the strings. To much requires much more movement to move it to the next string and requires more force to pluck through the string then if its just the tip of the pick.

Also things to avoid. While beginning resting your hand on the bridge can increase your speed, in the long run your not suppose to do that.

Anchoring is also considered bad, while some people swear it gives them accuracy and stabality, others say that it creats more tension and when you become fast on your own someone who does not anchor theorectically can be faster then someone who does. But as i said some people swear that its the way to go...

and if you dont know what anchoring is, its when you kinda of "Anchor" your pinky by resting it on the body of the guitar while u pick
ok i got a good tip for you then, i play Heeding the Call a lot, i love it ( like hearts on fire etc )

get a Plectrum !!.. i advise ya a soft 1 with the maximum of .86

learn how to use it, it sounds better then "finger" picking, you can go way faster with that etc.

Good luck !!^^

Alright Ill try some of those things. As for anchoring and Resting on the bridge, I dont think i do either of those. One of my problems tho is when I fingerpick I tend to Rest my Wrist on the E string. So I guess Ill have to fix that.As for 1/4 of the pick, Ill have to get used to that. Im weird when it comes to picks. Im religously against them on electric guitar and I cant play accoustic without em lol. Ill get used to that to.

Thanks for all the help!

PS: You can play Heeding the Call??? I worship you and anyone else who can! lol