im moving into a college dorm in like 2 weeks and was wondering if u guys had any ideas on keeping my gear from getting stolen thats space efficent??? i dont know if something even exist for this and may not get to take my guitars with me, ok so heres the gear a les paul and a peavy super 40 xxx and an alvarez acoustic, ill probily have to chose between one but someone thow some ideas out there on how i can keep my buisness stored
thanks, bryce
- always lock your door when you leave
- don't tell people you have gear
- don't bring it out when your around a bunch of drunk people
- Keep it out of sight when not in use.
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I would start with a lock.
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if you dont know your room mate, i wouldnt take your gear down at first, especially if you are close enough to get it later. if you have a careless room mate who has lots of parties in your room, its not good to have nice gear around. if you know your room mate and know he will be cool with you having stuff and will help keep an eye on it, then maybe take your gear but be careful with it, especially until you get to know your surroundings and hall mates.

last year i bought a used practice amp for $50 before i went to college so i would have an amp i didnt really care about. i just let it sit out, but since my hall mates were cool and enjoyed my playing, no one messed with it. i kept my guitar in its hard case in my closet when i wasnt playing it, usually the case was locked as well. under the bed works well for the case too, mine just happened to have a nice nich in the closet where it fit. just keep things as out of sight as you can if you care about them, that way people wont be tempted to touch them.

also, if the amp is loud, dont take it. its obnoxious to have someone playing the guitar and you can hear them 2 floors away. and if you piss off the people in charge, they may take your amp or make you take it home.