ive got a hollowbody cort that has great tone. my problem is that the "G" string goes out of tune right away when i play. the tuning gear turns really easily when i tune it up, more than any of the others. is there a way to tighten it? would this fix the problem?
wow, i think we have same hollow body. What kind do you have. I would replace the tuners or what ever their called on the head. Other than that i dont know.
honestly i dont know what the model is... i bought it on sale used at a local guitar shop. it looks like a hollow body by gibson or whatever, but its loaded with emg "special" pickups.
I'd replace the tuners.
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Try getting a Wound G string, they stay tuned better.
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Your problem is, the screw that holds the tuner in, is loose.
On the actual tuner itself, tighten that screw at the end. The same thing happened to my guitar.