I'm looking for a new amp. I like to play hard rock. But, here's the deal:

I play at home w/ no band. So, I don't need anything really loud. I have awesome effects pedals, so I dont want to spend the money on an amp w/ effects and modeling. I just want an amp that I can play the clean channel at low levels and it will sound great.

Any recommendations?
Vox AD30VT is great, i have one. That would run you about $250. You can get an AD50VT, which is loud as hell, for abour $400 i think.

You should test some stuff first, it'll be better for you.

EDIT: Never mind, you said with NO effects, silly me
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the fender blues junior is around that price if i remember correctly. its a nice 15w tube amp so it can get loud, but it isnt too loud. it has great cleans and not much else. its a nice little amp for running effects through as well.
Here are the best two in your Price Range
Fender Blues Jr.

Epiphone Blues Custom 30/15 watt ( about $100 more but it has a bit more in the terms of features)

I have played both of these amps but I prefer the Epi. Blues Custom amp to the Epi. Blues Jr. because it has a Tube Rectifier (My Preference) and it is 30 and 15 watt selectable.
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I second the Epi tube amp. They're nice.. a friend of mine JUST got one. *Thumbs up*

Of course, you can't go wrong with a nice Fender tube amp.
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