A cover of Hemorrhage (In my hands) by my band 9 ways to sunday.


I play bass and sing, one of my friends plays guitar, the other does drums. The qualities not great because it's live, but were just looking for feedback, so any constructive criticism would be nice. Thanks for checking it out!
I don't know the song all too well but it sounded good. I can't really hear much other than the vocals, but they sound spot on for the most part, so good job on that. The crowd seems to be enjoying it too. Yea, the quality is...awful...but it sounded good other than that =P.

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Yeah, your vocals need more... rockability. Songs a little too fast. Not bad though.

Edit: Try Shimmer, keep it on the same beat as the original song. I think you'd do better at that song. Keep practicing.
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