I am a visual artist of over 20 years and recently started painting electric guitars. My medium of choice is oil paint, so I sanded the guitars down to the wood, primed them and then painted them in oil paint before varnishing them with the same varnish that I use on my oil paintings.

The problem is: I want my guitars to be really professional and for the varnish to have a hard finish, so I have been researching the types of finishes available.

I have narrowed it down to two choices:

1) solvent based nitrocellulose lacquer
2) KTM9 waterbased finish

I would prefer to use the KTM9 waterbased finish, as it sounds easier to use and a lot less toxic - good, especially since I work in my small apartment. However....

My question is:
Can I put KTM9 waterbased finish over the oil paint that I paint the design with? If the KTM9 is not a good choice to use over oil paint, I can switch to acrylic, but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to.

Huge thanks to anyone who can help enlighten me on this issue.

I'm not sure about ktm9 but nitrocellulose lacquer is what most people use for any finish... never heard about ktm9 actually... I'd like to see some of your work!

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hmmmm.. id pm algee eater and give him a link to this thread man

hes the guy i know of with more experience- or youcould contact the person you getting the km9t from and ask them- theyd probably know more than any of us
I've never used KTM9, but I have heard good things of it. I have used Nitrocellulose a few times and it turns out good from my experience, but it takes a while to dry. My suggestion is to get a small 2 pieces of scrap wood and paint something small in oil on them and then try each finish over each one of them. I am not too sure about using oils on guitars so this may be your best bet on finding a clear that will work well with your medium of paint.
Thank you so much for your responses... I just sent a message to AlgeeEater. I hope he knows.

Thanks again!!
Hey Universe Zero,

Thanks for saying you'd like to see some of my work. You can see the guitars I've painted so far on my web site listed in my profile (not sure if it's okay to paste the url here?).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.