Yo 'doodz' just an acoustic cover, slowed it down a bit, enjoy all, crit 4 crit. Apologies for the background metronome, should have really recorded without that

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once again not a tough guitar song, but the vocals are awesome, i liked ur vocal tone, and ur were right on key for everything i heard, really nice job, and a good song too, if u have time check out this cover, u dont have to, it may not be ur type of music, but if u want

thanks, i used a crappy £60/90$ acoustic, but hey, i guess anything will sound great with elixirs lol. left a comment in your thread scott. once again thanks for the comments
Is it the one by Radiohead, or the one by Stone Temple Pilots?
I love them both, so I'll listen to it anyway.
EDIT:Aha, the Radiohead song. I loved it, nicely mixed, with a great tone on the guitar. Your voice is great, and expressed the emotion well. Can't really think of any improvements.
If you had time, you could kinda crit some songs on here> www.myspace.com/taidghstrogen. (I'm 12, which explains me sounding like a girl on them).
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This was awesome!!! REally expressed the emotions!!! Hit the Chorus awesome too man!
Excellent cover
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Great vocals but you totally diched on the "ruuunnn"!!!

I long to hear a cover with a good belting at that part
give it another shot, realised my mistake with the running part...hopefully it's a bit better...enjoy peeps. thanks for the comments!

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