Hey. Me and my band (indie, funk, all sort of rock music in general) are playing a gig in a few weeks and we're going to play the following songs:

dani california,
can't stop,
scar tissue,
sweet home alabama,
give it away,
haha wall,
the saga,
highway to hell,
killing lonelyness,
clint eastwood,
twist and shout

We want to play Twist and shout, and give it away as an encore... any ideas with the arrengement of the setlist?
sorry just remembered we're also gonna play are you gonna be my girl, and are you gonna go my way.
put the popular ones and fast ones at the begining and end the other ones can go in the middle try to start with something that has a recognisable intro like highway
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Well my band starts with Dani California and that always seems to go down well
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