Alright, let's get down to business.

I almost crapped my pants at this one kid's playing. Ok. Here's the story.

Kid walks right by me, I look at him. Younger than I, it appears. Thick-rimmed glasses, no shoulders, really really geeky looky. Less than I, actually. Walks by slouched over, like a sexual predator. Sadly, I was prejudiced and figured he had some sort of mental handicap, but I knew I wasn't one to judge. Creepy, yes. His playing, not.

So he fishes out an Ibanez Iceman (the one that was one of my first guitars I picked up at the store, more on this later). He flips it upside down. I'm thinking to myself..."does he know there's a thing called lefty guitars and that it would be fooking hard to play an Iceman like that?" So he sits down. Plugs into a Vox AD100VT Head and Vox 4x12 cab, not a bad choice, although the Mesas are right across from them.

This kid starts ripping out the most insane chops I have ever seen or heard. We're talking Herman Li range. I just about shat myself.

So that's it about him.

Ok, just to let you guys know, I was soley going acoustic (not acoustic guitars, but no amp due to the fact that there were none that caught my interest) so some of the things I can't comment on, like pickups and overall tone.

Guitar 1: Epiphone G-400

Why, you ask? For the sole purpose of seeing if it was right for me. Right now I'm looking for a geetar that is a solid body, mahogany or basswood, dual HBs for stuff like Foo Fighters. So yeah. I tried this out, but I was definately unpleased with the neck. It's just so wide that I can't do chords as well, and the neck is not much better than a Paul's. It sounded pretty decent unplugged, but nothing impressive. Frets were good, everything was new, pretty decent guitar if you don't know what you like yet guitar-wise.

Guitar 2: The Aforementioned Ibby Iceman

Man was this thing a ringer. Unplugged, it sounded very wholesome and rich. Probably the best solid body guitar I've ever played. Everything was great on it, action, frets, neck, I couldn't find a single flaw unplugged. Tuners were stock Ibanez, but were better than those of my Artcore, which I still have to change, dammit. I wish I got to try this thing out with coil taps plugged in. I think I would have bought it if I had the time to do that. Great set neck too, no neck pocket lag. It sounded great as I could hear from the unknown shredder kid through the AD100VT. Should have bought it.

Guitar 3: Epiphone '58 Explorer

Priced at $450, it wasn't a bad deal to say the least. The sound wasn't as open as the Iceman, but I couldn't complain. It was pretty smooth playing, I liked everything 'cept the slight bit of LP neck plague. I guess Epis just aren't for me, nor are Gibsons. This was about the time the kid was shredding, I looked up at him a couple times, as to compliment but also discourage him from playing, as I couldn't hear my guitar.

Guitar 4: Epiphone '89 (methinks?) Strat-shape

It was used, so I thought it might be something to look into for the price. It was marked at $200. It might have been nice to add to my arsenal of 6 guitars, but I have no need for a single-coil guitar (until later...keep reading) at this point as I have a Tele-style guitar. Although not as playable as this Epi, my Stagg gets by in sound. Pretty decent overall. Held tuning well, although I only assumed stork position and played it. I hated the jumbo frets on it, that killed me.

Guitar 5: Ibanez Artcore AFS75T

I have the non-trem model, so I thought about might as well trying the trem model. One suggestion, Ibanez: locking fuicking tuners. This thing goes out of tune real easily, just one trem shot and it's out. Pretty sad. Same build and play quality as mine, maybe a little less, but overall decent besides the trem.

Guitar 6: Taylor CE something or other, it was the $2100 model electro-full body acoustic

Boy was this one hell of a guitar. I was in guitargasm the whole time I played it. Played so smooth and milky, the sound was outstanding. Build quality was amazing, very detailed. The mahogany (I think...) neck was perfect for me. I played some Cure and Foo Fighters just before I was about to let out some man-juice. That amazing. I want to steal one.

Guitar 7: Taylor thinbody electro-acoustic

As with the other Taylor, it was expensive, but a little less this time at $1800. Amazing quality as above, but suffered from a bit of fret buzz, which was annoying. Pretty good outside the fact though. Definately worth it.

Guitar 8: '70s Peavey TI-60 Full maple guitar (w/ coil split or phase, couldn't tell)

This was ****ing heavy d00ds. Heavier than a Paul. I swear. The neck may have been faster, but it definately was heavy. Styled like an old Univox. Pretty good player used for $200. Shoulda bought it, as I love weird guitars that sound good. Got to plug this one in, and it was quite good really. Didn't try much but scales, so I have no voice on versatility.

Guitar 9: Paisley '90s MIJ Fender Strat

Oh my ****ing god. THE BEST LOOKING/PLAYING GUITAR I HAVE PLAYED PLUGGED IN EVER. It had the Blue Mist paisley burst thing going for it, with blue, lime, and pink flowers. It was amazing looking. The neck was over-glossy, but it was still playing great. I plugged it into a Fender Blues Deluxe Blonde edition (which did this guitar justice, lemme tell you). I felt like a hippy, but it played so great I wanted the guitar and amp. I played a shortened version of "Tell Me Baby" by RHCP which sounded wonderfully on the bridge/middle pickups, volume rolled back ever so slightly. Had no autowah to toy around with though, which I want for my funk side (which I'm ever so slightly tapering into). God I feel like such a noob telling you guys that I ****ING LOVE THIS GUITAR! MIJ>MIM definately (haven't played an MIA Strat to my knowledge).

Guitar 10: Epiphone G400 Custom (3 HBs, alpine white gold hardware)

1. The binding job sucked.
2. The neck was too thickly finished, it was sooooooo slooooooow.
3. The neck was wide, as usual. This was only a 5 minute sitter.

Guitar 11: Ibanez Joe Satriani Sig JS100

Really really really fast guitar. I liked doing fast runs on this thing. Felt great. I probably would have bought it for $400 but I didn't know a thing about it, so I didn't. Plugged it in for a bit, but it didn't have as much crunch as I would expect in the pickup department, although it had coil tap.

Silly things I saw today:
A kid in a Trivium shirt playing a $200 Dean MLX through a Mesa, didn't sound half bad, but he looked really pissy.
Norma Jean wannabes playing a Marshall full stack thinking they were good. Even I could outplay them, which is sad for them, because I pretty much suck.
Jam'n 94.5 signs outside GC (a hip hop, rap, and full blown ****ty radio station around here). Probably for their annual DJ contest.

So...what did I buy exactly?

2 18.5' cables for $30 total, a Live Wire patch cable for $13, and a set of D'Addario EXP coated strings for my acoustic (never tried 'em).

Oh well. Maybe I'll order me up a MIJ Strat sometime soon. Paisley, if I can find it.

wait... i got kinda lost wuts this thread supposed to be about?
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
so wont this get shut down?
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
Yeah, the G-400's definately have a wide fretboard. I own the vintage G-400 but I kinda like the extra width... my hands are sort of big (but not huge...bigger then average) and I can still play fine with my thumb for bare chords and fancy rhythym work. There not that bad of guitars just not great. I'd have to find a really nice one to buy another one of those again.

I wish any of the stores near me had any kind of MIJ strat. I'd demand my friends or family to loan me some cash if I ever find one.... especially the blue paisley one. I love the way those look. How much was it BTW?
Hai UG!
I would have slapped that thing on my credit card and worry about the cash later. Plus my family is very generous.

Was it a maple board or rosewood? If it was maple, ohh man I would've got it. If it was rosewood I would still have gotten it LOL.
Hai UG!
Maple board, which I thought was surprising that I actually liked it though. I don't usually like maple boards as much as rosewood.
Are you short on cash, or are you just reluctant to buy it cause you might find something better later on.... if you have a good job you're parents can always lend you some cash
Hai UG!
The sad thing is I had enough money for it, but I just couldn't justify not only selling my Stagg (as my mom wanted me to get a guitar out of the house) but also having 7 guitars if I didn't have to sell the Stagg.

Hell, I feel like going back tomorrow and getting it.
I would if I were you. I'm not trying to make you buy it or push you into buying it or anything, but how often does a guitar like come around your LMS?

buy it... buy it now, you'll regret not buying it... buy it... you can get there early in the morning before anyone else takes it.... DDOOOOO IIIITTTT

EDIT: post pics if you buy it though eh.
Hai UG!
Well, sadly I must work 8am-2:30 so I would only be able to go then. Trying to convince a friend of mine in the same band as I to take me, or find someone to anyways.
I've yet to play a MIJ, but I've been looking for them. Everyone I've talked to says they are great though, and I can believe it. The MIA's are nice, but there can be lemons just like anything else. You should play one now that you have a reference, I'd like to hear what you thought between the 2.

cool reviews man, thanks for that
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'Ey, no problem Erock.

I plan on the next time the band I'm in practices, I'll try out the other guitarist's Invader-loaded HH MIA Strat.

Man, I want to go back and get it so badly. I yearn for it.
Quote by SuperAnalytical
'Ey, no problem Erock.

I plan on the next time the band I'm in practices, I'll try out the other guitarist's Invader-loaded HH MIA Strat.

Man, I want to go back and get it so badly. I yearn for it.

That's a really good sign that you have to get it... it's no longer and want now, it a need. You need it man.
Hai UG!
I can get the same thing cheaper minus the finish via a Japan webshop.

I think I'll just go with that, as my mom and dad still would want me to sell one of my guitars through Guitar Center. Told me I can't do a private sale.