So I have about $450 dollars to spend on a new acoustic and I am torn, because I dont know which to get. I have been looking at Ibanez, Yamaha, Seagull, and Ephiphone. I am open to reccomendations and anyother info you have. The guitar needs to look good because I will be using it in the guitar band at school doing the half time show and what not.
I recommend Yamaha and Seagull over the other two.

I can't stand Ibanez acoustics, and Epiphone's are alright.
My God, it's full of stars!
i have a yamaha that is over 15 years old and it still plays like the day my mom bought it for my dad. also never untunes
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I recommend Yamaha and Seagull over the other two.

I can't stand Ibanez acoustics, and Epiphone's are alright.

Nothing to add other than Dready is right on the money with this one. Ibanez can't make a decent acoustic to save their lives... they should stick with electrics. Some Epiphones are decent, but you would be better off with a Yammy or the Seagull.

Just grab whatever it is you can afford off the wall/rack and start playing it. You'll know exactly which guitar you want when you hear it.
Why limit yourself to only those brands? Alvarez,Takamine and some others make guitars in your price range also. Spend a day traveling all the guitar shops in your area,playing all the guitars in your price range. Then pick the one you like best.
Note that some guitars may come w/a case included in your purchase price. Or some Mom & Pop shops might throw in a case ( probably chipboard/better than nuthin) if you play your cards right. Remember also that most Mom & Pop shops will offer a free set-up (approx $30-$50 if you pay to have it done) on your guitar purchase, where the larger chain mass retailers (MF & GC) usually do not.
The point is that every guitar is different. They're made of wood, which has grains in which no two are alike. You can take 2 same/make/mdel guitar and play them side by side and often, even USUALLY there will be differences in tonal and playability charactoristics. So you may love your buddies Yamaha, but that doesn't mean a new Yamaha will sound the same.
Different makers have different neck shapes, thicknesses and widths which may effect your choice in terms playability/comfort.
Take your time and find the guitar that the powers that be made just FOR YOU! Has that tone you love and plays like butter.
P.S.: Why not look at some used guitars also. In my life I've owned at least 50 guitars. Only 1 of them was bought new. Since the guitar is used, it's worth less and that means savings to you. You might get a guitar that retails for more than your price range in your price range. Or get one that retailed in your range cheaper. But you gotta know your stuff and check them out carefully for damage/defects etc.
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Try a Guild. Mine is from 1979 and it plays like a beast. I'm not sure if they're still the same quality, but if they are, check one out.
I'll tell you secret. 1970's vintage Japanese made guitars (Alvarez,Epiphone, Yamaha, Ventura) are WELL MADE. IMO at least as good/better than all but the high end Korean/Chinese made guitars of today. And they usually don't bring the used prices they deserve. If you can find (for example) a good used Epiphone FT series (higher the model number the better) 145 or 150, you'll have damn good axe.
i got an ibanez pf series and it plays really good. it was my first guitar and i love it.

o yeah and off coarse it looks damn sweet. its a wavy red color.
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Ignorant comment about Ibanez guitars. Ever played the original Japanese Artwood guitars? They are stunning and easily some of the best of the late 70s early 80s.