I have been playing guitar for almost two years now and am currently in a band. We've been a cover band for 3-4 months and in the beggining I was taking lessons. I would like to make my own material, so my question is: Should I go back into lessons. I quit them after a few months because I didnt feel as though I was getting anywhere. What do you all think.
well, lessons will hellp, but you could learn the stuff yourself. what you need to learn is chord progressions and improvising. im sure you know all this stuff but ill just touch up on it:
chord progressions: just learn the chord progressions and stuff at this site- http://www.torvund.net/guitar/progressions/index.asp. then, when you find a chord (lets say the C chord) remember this: you can substitute chords and you dont have to go by exactly what the chord progression says you should play. like, lets take that C chord and look at the notes in it: C E G. what other chords have similar notes. well, how about the Am chord with these notes in it: A E G. these 2 chords have the E and G notes similar so maybe you could substitute the C chord for the Am chord and try that out.
improvisation and scales: now that you have some chords and a cool chord progression, you need "extra stuff" such as solos, riffs, and other extra notes to make your song more than just chords. so, learn your scales (major, minor, pentatonics, chromatic, and the modes) and apply them to your chords.
write lyrics all the time: lyrics is like poetry. a lot of it rhymes. people like listening to it. and your lyrics can make or break your song or poem. so, how do you become a good song writer? write songs all the time. once you have a chord progression, try to memorize or at least get an idea of what it sounds like and then in class or at work or anywhere else that you have spare time just put lyrics to it and youll keep getting better at it. and remember, practice makes perfect!
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