Lately, I've been really into Queens of the Stone Age and just bought their DVD, "Over the Years and Through the Woods". I've noticed that their guitarist, Troy Van Leeuwen, uses a lot of semi-hollow bodied guitars, including his signature Yamaha SA503 TVL. They look interesting and I tried playing one at a local Guitar Center and I would like to purchase one. Now, I'm not made of money and have been playing for about two years and I want a good, solid, semi-hollow bodied guitar (yes, that was an oxy-moron). Any suggesstions?
Ibanez Artcore. Hands down.

China Epiphones are pretty horrible sounding, nasaly and really not as playable, IMO, as Artcores.

So yeah, I would go Artcore, which ever body you feel is suitable to you, they have 3 different body shapes.
I would suggest getting the non-trem version, actually. I played one just today and the trem doesn't do well with as much pressure you can put on say, a Strat for example. Supposed to be a subtle vibrato bridge, but if I'm getting a trem, I want to divebomb.
I'd probably end up getting it with the trem because I really like the way it feels, looks and sound (I also take Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters as an influence, he plays a semi-hollow body with an awesome tremmelo). I also probably won't shredding that hard.
I wasn't shredding or divebombing all that hard, the trem remained half-way to the stock position.

Chris Shiftlett usually plays a Gretsch when he goes hollow, which can get to be expensive. There are, however, $900 Gretsches (if you can get your budget that far) with official Bigsby trems, which his has.

PS-If you need any more Foo info, just ask me, I probably know it. I did a full rig thread on them a while back and I remember everything.