I don't post here often, and you may be sick of topics like this... but if you ain't, any help would be greatly appreciated...

Basically, I do not own an amp (I borrow from a mates alot!), and have finally (after 6ish years of playing ) decided to splash the cash...

I own-
Custom Strat, made out of random bits and bobs I scrounged or brought from eBay, its very similar to a mexican strat fitted with 3 kent armstrong mini humbuckers.
This would be the main guitar used through the amp.

Crafter electro-acoustic, it would be handy if the amp could also handle playing through this, say if I wanted to use the acoustic for just one song in a set or something.

£200, which is just under $400 in US money, but things are generally a little more expensive in the UK. I don't have a regular job, so saving can be patchy at best, but if really nessercery I could go a little over that.

What I play-
Various things, mainly your sort of standard every day rock and indie music, but also enjoy to play blues and the like while jamming, and I'm in a classic rock/metal cover group... I mainly play rythm.

Where I play-
Ok this is where it gets a bit crappy, this amp would have to be sutible for alot of situations, it would have to be smallish (something like a 212 combo would be the max) enough to transport easily, be capable of being played quietly in my bedroom, medium volume while jamming with mates, and be able to hold its own on stage during a pub gig. This basically elimates small 15w practice amps, and head/cabs.

Other Crap-
I'm quite casual with my gear, not in the sense that I beat it up, but it will get wheeled around in shopping trolleys between houses and stuff like that (I only mention that cos I have some mates who won't let people within 10 meters of their gear) so I would like something robust, which rules out valves (though I guess my budget does that anyway ).
I also really like duel speaker amps (waaay more sound projection )

atleast 50w
210 or 212 preferred

Was thinking about maybe a Line 6 210 spider, but was worried about the practicalitys of this for live playing, and the durabilty.

Any help would be greatly apprieciated


and also, saying all that stuff about it being versitile, I've also always liked to keep things simple... like my guitar has no tone knobs, and like amps that just have basic controls (I'm not a fan of inbuilt FX)...

I know I'm contradicting myself...
I know it has effects and a lot of fiddly stuff, but this is the best sounding amp you're gonna get in that price range.
These go to eleven...
Hi cheers for the responses...

Why is the Spider "horrid"?, and whats the sound projection like from a roland cube?

I'd personally go for the Vox AD50VT over the Cube. Unless your main style is metal IMO the vox is the better option.
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ill second the vox^

the spider is so "horrid" because... just ****ty distortion that sounds synth like, and too much gain imo. too much feedback. bad, toneless cleans. i havent tried the bigger versions though, just the 30 watt version (iirc). roland cube on the other hand sounds pretty nice, i like the distortion wich is bit heavier than on the vox.
Don't get the spider esp. if you ever want to play live with it. They give lots of feedback in my experience.
If you don't like knobs and complexity why not look at a Fender combo in that price range.
Ok guys... cheers for all the help... I was very tempted by the VOX when I've heard them played...

Think I'll be down the shop tomorrow to try one out...