hello, my guitar schecter c-1 elite has a problem. at the top where you put your strap, the hole where the screw goes into the wood is loose. the strap keeps coming loose from the body itself and i was wondering what i could do. my dad suggested using tapered toothpicks and elmers glue and redrill into the filled hole. Any other suggestions?
I could be wrong but I believe that would be a pretty good solution. Or maybe just another piece(s) of the same wood of the body and do the same thing. But I'd wait for a more experienced person to either correct me or tell me I'm right.
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carefull about drilling, that can split the wood

not actually drilling, but using a screwdriver or something

btw thanks for the support and backup everyone
pro way is to get a dowel and wood filler and well fill the hole up and yeh. the way your dad suggested is alright and can last as well.