its pretty good, albiet a bit sloppy. but I'm sorry to say your voice isnt too good (for this song). but oh well (I am being over critical.) but you did a nice job, it is a break from the usual (Anoying) cover of Stairway.
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it was done well, you know what your doing, but you seemed to just plough through it too fast; just relax and do the song justice

and yeah your voice is not the best for it but i'm sure you already know and don't care... which you shouldn't
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very good, shoulda slowed it down a bit though.

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I liked the tone a lot, and the singing was alright.
It is a little faster tempo than the real thing though.
Did you use a 12 string??
It sounds like it in the verse.
Lead was slightly out of tune with the rhythm (in verse part)

The rhythm guitar in the solo sounded different also.
For that rhythm I just do these chords: A maj, G maj, F maj
It was overall a pretty good cover though!
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Originally Posted by Outside Octaves
... ah, the bliss of ignorience!
Sweet thanks guys, and no i didnt use a 12 string. I just went back and recorded over it.
Your playing was good. Not that many slip ups. The tone was great in the beginning. The chorus that kicked in was a little iffy, but worked. The drum mix is a little loud, but your overdrive is good for rhythm. You started clipping, but its all good. I liked your playing though.

However on singing it seemed like you talked your way a little too much. But it doesn't matter that much, this is a more guitar driven song. Good job

crit mine please?
not to bad, a few places where you werent really in sync, use a metranome, but other wise pretty good, the vocals are more talked/whispered than sung, but his voice is hard as hell, you clipped a little a few times, but this isnt an easy cover to do all by ur self all the way through so props, and still not bad for what its worth

edit the solo was peaking like it gets paid for it, i dont know whats with the panning on it either but the playing didnt seem terrible, and that last singing part should be as close to yelling as u can get while in tune, let ur voice go, ur holding back
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definately use a metronome and learn to play/sing in time. Your voice needs work as well but good effort for attempting the entire song.
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Nice playing on the intro, good atmosphere. Vocals are a little flat and hard to hear. Good tone. Liked the little solo. whoo wasnt expecting the drums. Very hard to hear the vox now. The solo was very good. You defenetly gotta let you voice rip at the end. I liked it, you have to work on the vocals and some of the other things other people have mentioned.

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