Recently ive been having problems with my fretting hands ring finger. To explain the problem completely take one of your hands hold it in front of you and open your had as wide as you can streching all your fingers out aswel then slowly close your hand keep your fingers spread apart until your finger are all curled up tightly and apart. When i do this my ring finger pushes up against my middle finger and it is realy hard to move them apart when they are curled up. Its making it difficult to play and uncomfortable.

Has anyone else got this problem and if you have or had it how did you fix it?

that doesn't sound good...
I've never heard of such a problem

It may be some kinda medical problem or congenital defect (it was passed down)

one thing that might help is general exercise & to try abilitating ur own hand thru some finger exercises...

other than that, I really dunno
Could it be something i got used to doing at an early age an didnt realy realise until now? Im going to go to the doctors to have it checked and im going to try doing sum sorta excesices focused on moving tht finger while curled away from the other finger. Its worrying tho.
well, the doc should clear it up for ya

I wouldn't worry too much tho, it's most probably correctable

but in the end, yeah, it could be something u got used to at a younger age...
god i wish i were indian. they have the best ****ing hands for playing guitar!
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Quote by benjonotbanjo
god i wish i were indian. they have the best ****ing hands for playing guitar!

whats so great about indian hands?