This is the beginning of a song about abusive, bipolar (psycho) parents. you have no idea..ha... working on chord progression at the moment.... eh bash it or like it, feel free

Stay out of my life. STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!
I'm continuously pissed from the things you've said.

I have no use for your opinions or praise.
You never were one to accept my ways.

Always disciplined for lack of articulation.
Now the center of your speculation.

Everyone is clinically insane, but you.
Nothing pleases you and there's nothing we can do.

Now it is about time to give something back.
Critiquing everything you do and everything you lack.
Don't point your finger because there's always three pointing back.
I have called a girl "Chewbacca".....and meant it.
im not so cool in english....but i think its "to critisise" not "to critique"......critique is the noun, not the verb....maybe im wrong....what the rest of you guys think?
eemm, apart from that, i like the work you did, i see your folks really got on your nerves, huh?
i like the rhymes, they are good