Whats up ya'll? I'm not exactly new to guitar but I'm new to this style and excited to learn more about it. I've always had difficulty understanding music theory and such. Im hoping someone can easily explain to me the intervals in which they most seem to harmonize and exactly how they get their unique sound. Thanks for any input.
The sound itself just depends on the equipment. They get that chorus sounding deal going when Jesper and Bjorn play the same riff in different octaves.
most bands use either same octave, or you can use one guitar on your regular riff and the 2nd guitar 4 frets higher on the notes you want to harmonize with, it pretty much all goes with theory and being able to sound out the right chords, just keep practicing.
I'm pretty sure this belongs in Musician Talk, but I'll answer the question anyway

To harmonize in 3rds, start by figuring out the scale degrees

here are the notes and scale degrees for a minor scale, which is what most riffs are based on.

  A B C D E F G A
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

now, move this UP 3 FRETS to find the relative major scale. notice, it's the same notes, just starting in a different spot.


  C D E F G A B C
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Ok, so now, take any riff, tab it out, and write the scale degrees above it. Now, match those scale degrees with those of the corresponding relative major scale and tab that out as the 2nd guitar part.
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