Are swineshead pickups any good? I was thinking about putting them in my Strat. Also if i did that would it matter whether they were plastic or wood pickups
cus you have that option?
never heard of them so i dont know
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Yes, yes, yes! Swinesheads are excellent pickups. I have a warthog/condor combo in my lp style guitar and they sound great. The plastic or wood options are just covers, the pickups are just like regular ones.

I'd buy them again in an instant.
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^well that was helpful.

I've seen them get recomended to people all the time and I know there good, I just cant remember what exactly they were best for(metal, hard rock etc..)
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The pickups you'd need depend entirely on your music tastes. Swinesheads have a variety of different pickups with different voicing and outputs. For metal I'd start with the Xbucker or Venom in the bridge with a pyro in the neck, provided you have a humbucker bridge pick guard.

If you're trying to make metal with 3 singles, you may want to email the fellas at swineshead and ask their opinion. Very helpful cats.
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I listened to the Venom neck and bridge clips and figured they'd be pretty decent for Foo Fighters type of stuff. Yay? Nay?

I was also thinking the Warthog/Condor...hmmm...how do you like 'em in your LP, Muddy?

EDIT: Yeah. Mudder works too.
Mudder, i personally think the xbucker has too much low end, imo best swinehead for bridge would be warthog ->well EQ'd, good output
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The Condor is one of the best neck pickups I ever played for my tastes. But that won't matter much as you are going to need single coils. I never used any of their singles but I am sure Swines Head won't let you down. Just email them for suggestions on what coils to get.
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Hey Mudder, how much is shipping for those who live in US??
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I think the Condor might be the best neck pickup I've ever used. Incredible. The warthog is very versatile, I can go anywhere from classic rock like Zep and AC/DC to Metallica or Maiden without much trouble. Easy to hit harmonics too.
I would buy this same set again unless I had a bunch of money to try some Bareknuckles.

I paid an extra 5 pounds for shipping to the west coast. Altogether I think I paid something like $165 for the pair shipped. They arrived in about 2 weeks. I'm not certain about the exchange rate right now, it may be more expensive now.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
i believe the swineheads are extremely good for bluesy/clean stuff especially in semi-hollow bodies but i have no experience with the dirtier PUPs
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