I wrote this song with a friend about our trip to Mexico with our church this summer.

http://tylercharles.dmusic.com "Those Back Home"

Here are the lyrics:

I penned this song for the ones beneath my feet
The drunkards and the lovers drunk on every word they speak
And I can hear their voices rising up to me
And I can hear their sighs amongst perfect company
Amongst perfect company
Fill their mouths with something sweet
Wine and warmth, respectively
I?m alone enough to be
My own perfect company

I breathe in the ashes of the fire far away
They?ve formed to bones inside me but they could not make me stay
Here on this lonely rooftop, I?ve never been more alone
I love this lonely rooftop, but I miss those back home
I miss those back home
And well, I guess that I have grown
I guess this ash had once been stone
And I think it has, so I suppose
I'll keep missing those back home

I see beneath the moonlit sky some clouds that look like rain
Taxi cabs and bus stops and at least a thousand planes
I bet there?s a girl up there who looks a bit like you
I bet she?s writing songs and I bet she?s lonely, too
I bet she?s lonely, too
I bet her songs are colored blue
To match her eyes? despondent hue
And far below her clicking shoes
Here?s a boy who?s lonely, too

I?m not gonna lie, I didn?t sleep too well last night
The dogs wouldn?t quit their barking, and the streetlight?s far too bright
The baby?s cradle rocks and rolls inside of me
The lovers cradle down there in inverse symmetry
In inverse symmetry
With these children next to me
Why click my heels and count to three?
Would here and home didn?t have to be
Stuck in inverse symmetry

A sight more bittersweet I?ve never seen than this airplane
The dew rolls off like teardrops from these separating panes
It hurts to say, but for now I know I don?t belong
It hurts to leave, but for now not leaving would be wrong
Not leaving would be wrong
Baby, as I sing my song
Maybe you and me and everybody here could come and sing along
And well, I guess I should be gone
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I'm listening as I write. This is fantastic! Very carefully performed, I like that. Very clear. You have a lot of talent. I'm adding this to my playlist. I like it all, where to begin: your lyrics are great, the arrangement is fantastic, are you playing the drums, they're a nice touch. I'm listening to it again. Great rythm, great momentum to it. I love how you sing the seconfd line of the verse on the offbeat. It's something I understand musically, is audibaly interesting and I wonder why I've never heard it before, in other recordings. It's a very sweet sounding song, your voice and guitar and everythiong. it just makes me want to sigh. Ok, I also like the note during the "chorus" thats lower than the others, for example "sweet" in the first chorus. I?m alone enough to be
My own perfect company is a great line. The oohs are great, the harmonies are great,. the tambourine i think is off beat and is distracting, sorry.

All in all, this is one of the best songs i've ever heard from someone on the internet. great job. im going ot listen to your other stuff. this song reminds me of josh ritter, heard him?

give my stuff a listen, here's a link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=412958

P.S. are you from minnesota, my friend just went to an orphange in mexico this summer.
I've always been a fan of yours and this song just reminds me why I want to do naughty things to you. The lyrics are amazing and they work so well with the guitars and such. Hot.
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(Lucy) why the fuck not?
(Jack) because they have a strange tendency to EAT YOUR CHILDREN
This was albsolutly unbelievable. So far the best thing I have ever heard on UG. I normally get a lot of praise for my work, but you have this aura about this song. I cant desribe it but you are truely an amazing artist, vocalist, and guitarist. I would love to do a collaberation with you, I think your guitar is awesome and so is your voice and It would be awesome if you could do that. I dont konw if you get on UG alot but if you do give me a hollar

oh and check out my song if you have time
One of the nicest compostions I've ever heard on UG. Very well written. Very nice arrangement, fantastic vocals, and very nice recording quality. I love all of the fine details, like the layered vocals.
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