what kinda of scales are used in metalcore? whats the theory in metalcore based on?
$5 says someone is gonna say "durrr...metalcore doesnt use scales, it sucks durrrr...."

just wait....

[sorry im of no assistance]
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Most metalcore bands dont think theory wise and it depends on what metalcore is to you but generally speaking they'd use C aeolian (f major) or maybe c phrygian (G sharp major) but thats just a very rough estimate. They mainly use drop c tuning though if you want that typical metalcore sound.
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I'm going to kind of go out on a limb here. Metalcore is A LOT more about the feeling of the music rather than the techincallity of it, I would just say fiddle around with some scales and try to FEEL which one sits better with the song.
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alright thanks, but im not gonan play metalcore with bles or minor pentatonic am i?...
Actually, it doesn't matter what scale you use, you can make a pretty good metalcore song even with the blues scale.
Chromatic scales. All of them.
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