hey guys
I've been thinging of getting a fretless bass well to be honest since last week when i tryed some out at my guiar center. Unfortunetly i only tryed out warwicks and some expencive acoustics but I love the feel and jazzy sound of how cleanly the notes change when you slide. and to bring a point to this, Ive been lookin at this bass at rondomusic only 100 bucks, but it could be a crap deal like a rogue or somehting some reviews?

Link: http://www.rondomusic.net/sb301fl.html
In my experience, a $100 bass isn't gonna be that great, but if you are looking for something to just mess around with, then by all means, that doesn't seem too bad.
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i would look at the other fretless basses on rondo
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Go to local pawn shops. You might be able to pick up a decent jazz-style bass and defret it yourself.
it looks to be not that bad of a bass. i would get it if i wanted a fretless just to mess around on. but if your looking for a good one, then don't spend $100 on this and save up for a good one.
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