this is something i wrote one time so long ago and i just found it.
enjoy lmao.
crit for crit.

Laika is a dog the Russian Space Program sent into space in a confined pod with no hopes of retrieving her. They did this so they could be the first to send an animal into space. bastards.

Take the training they said you?d need
mutilate their limousine!
You?re the real star here, Laika.
You made the coldest hearts shine!

Now that the trees are beneath your knees,
You?re not coming home!

When the hunger strikes,
And your legs collapse,
Forget the pain, open your ears and
We?ll be singing to the black unknown!
We?ll be singing to your black unknown!
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yeah i have, but its not really about the dog, its about Butler's brother i think, and just uses laika as wordplay saying they should have named him laika because they sent him out into the world alone.
and i dont really title my things, but you have to on this or your thread gets closed lol.
i thought it was appropriate