I learned this song a couple days ago...The solo is improvised(except for the first two phrases) and Im not really satisfied with it. Ill probably redo the solo actually but some input would be appreciated. Crit for crit.
you should probably work some more on it... a lot more. There were really too many mistakes even in the un-improvised sections to point out. You should probably start play with a metronome more often, if you don't now. It wouldn't hurt to actually listen to the song also, because you're late on a lot of parts. Plus, your rhythm sounds like a really dumbed down version of the way hendrix played it. Maybe add some fills also if it's gonna be an instrumental.

Edit: And if that's how you "improvise", you should probably a) learn the actual solo, and b) work on improvising by jamming and stuff.
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you were kinda off time with the drums at the beging.
to much treble on the solo and not enough treble for the main riff.
Some parts sounded pretty good. I think you need to try and work on your timing a little bit. If you want to improvise the solo, try getting the other parts down really good first. What works for me is listening to the song a few times without playing along with it. Without my guitar, I try during the solo parts to either hum or play through my head what I think will sound good. Then later I try and play with what I came up. That's just me. If you dont want to try that, just put more time into the song. Get a good feel for the rythm and everything else before trying to improvise.

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I don't have anything you can crit but hey.

You should probably work on rythm and timing of the strums and in-general cleaning it up a bit. And on the solo, got kinda loud, it scared me But yeah, learn the notes, listen to the solo w/o playing along. Then play it how you think is right, then play along.
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I don't know how to say this nicely, but that was just bad. The timing was horrifically off. The solo was pretty bad. Sorry to shoot you down, but that's my honest opinion.

Haha uh....what was wrong with it? Im cool with criticism man, but ****, be constructive about it. Don't just say it's "bad" cause what the **** does that mean?
Timing was pretty bad. Timing is one of those things that is very basic, but vital. And once you've got timing down, you basically have it forever in my experience. Work on getting all the timing right. Rythm guitar only had a few slipups, but the lead really was god-awful. Tone was scary. Timing was bad, and notes were slurred and mangled. Timing got worse as you went on too. At some points it was just totally off...I honestly don't know how you could record this being so far off. The least you can do is make sure you're synced up to the rest of the band.
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Not a bad attempt, and I think you had at least a decent tone, and yes, it's true, timing was off at parts throughout the song.

Actually, I think you should work on your timing and then maybe even try and record it again. It would be much improved, and I would definetely like to hear it.
Agreed, The tone was fine for the verses but the solo sounded... a little out of tune or off key and too loud and distorted. Other than that, all the notes were right, just try and get it in time.

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