anyone know of a good amp that would be good for practicing and usable at gigs, but somethin not hard to lug around like a half stack or whatever. something that can play hard rock/metal too..and moneywise i dont care right now im just lookin for anything in a hurry.
I have a dual speaker crate combo amp. Its like 50 pounds. I cant think of the model name. Just go to musicans friend and look at crate combo amps. I think its like 350 bucks...(?). dont hold me to that, but that is definetly somthin to check out.
If you're not looking for a certain price range than go Mesa/Boogie Mark IV 1x12 combo
Get like a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 (which is wat i have!!) or like a Twin Reverb.....Fenders are great amps.
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