in your opinion whats better?cause i want to learn but dont know weather to get a teacher or just try it myself?
I got a teacher to start me out for like 3 months.

Then I went on my own ti'll now. I'm going on 3 years now.

But I will most likely get some more lessons soon.

Post me back on track again.

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i think starting off u might need some help, but once u get down the basics, i think your good to learn stuff on your own.
I've never had a teacher. I picked everything up on my own.
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A teacher was helpful to me as far as getting the basics down. I needed direction, places to start, and a teacher really gave that to me.

Online, there are tons of threads saying "what should I learn now?" but the advice you are getting is mostly from teenagers who haven't physically witnessed your abilities. I'm not bashing the fact that people online want to help others, but it's easy to see that they are at a disadvantage as far as helping.

I would like to think I have the basics down, but I still need a teacher for jazz guitar. I have very little idea of what to do in jazz, and sitting down with a guy who has played jazz for a living is more helpful than me sitting at home wondering what to do.

If you have the motivation, you can no doubt accomplish a lot by yourself, but in the beginning I think some guidance is very helpful. I would recommend at least trying a teacher or two and seeing if the progress is worth it.
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Its always good to have a good teacher, so you can get help if you get stuck on something. If you read an online lesson and have a specific problem, the text wont be able to help you out in person, and a real dude will be able to do that. After a while though, when you feel comfortable, you can leave the teacher, or find a better one.
Get a good teacher whenever you can. Be ready to learn new things, and don't settle for a guy who is just going to teach you songs, or ****ty blues licks or something that you could find out easily. Get a real teacher that you can ask questions about anything, and that really enjoys teaching. Research first!
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I've taught myself everything with the help of the internet. A lot of what I know I learned from reading the lessons on this site , and the rest I just picked up from downloading guitar lesson videos and such. I've never gotton a teacher for fear that having to do 'homework' as a requirement rather than doing it because I want to would dampen my playing tenacity. I dunno, I seem to be playing pretty well. I am by far not awesome but I practice all the freakin time.
I Think the best way to do it is get a good teacher. There is no use really in starting on your own, you wont know the basics. Once I got a teacher, I started to improve drasticaly, most of the improvement was obviously, down to my practising all the time, but my teacher taught me all the things i needed to know and pointed me in the right direction, having a teacher helps one hell of a lot.
Yes for teachers, as long as they are a good teacher and know what they are on about. I have a teacher, hes 50 and he would give Steve Vai and Joe Satriani a run for their money on their guitar(he also used to teach Dimebag), he knows his theory so i learn really quickly off him.. Its great
Yeah, a good teacher is useful, with my old teacher it got to the stage where i was just about better than him lol. Now I have another teacher hes awesome and I've improved a lot over a short period of time.
I only took up a teacher about half a year ago after already playing for a while.

My main intent was to learn to read music, work on my timing, and learn theory to be able to extend my ability to improvise and learn different genres.

I think that there are some pluses to lessons, and that is that there is someone there to make sure that you're doing everything right.

At the same time, though, people might become to dependent on someone checking everything they do, which isn't good.
a good teacher is a good thing, but it's not entirely necessary. what a good teacher does is shows you how to improve your own playingand style. If you are honest enough with yourself to analyze your own playing and work on what needs improvement, then you can teach yourself. It always helps to play with others though, even it's not with a teacher.
I would say get a teacher for like 8 months to a year, just to really get the fundamentals down. Once you have that, you should probably be good by picking up books and Guitar Center and **** and just learn on your own from there.
ive never had a teacher, picked a few thing up from friends here and there, ive been playing 1.5 years and already have played battle of the bands where there where like 200 plus people there, coffe shops, a teen center, the fair, countless parties, and a cancer benefit. I guess singing adds to it too, but yeah if you know people that already play i think teaching most of everything yourself would be fine, you might want a teacher the first like month to learn how to replace strings, a few chords or whatever if you dont have buddies that are willing to show you the ropes. Idk, whatever you do, dont work too hard, just have a bunch of fun.
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