i was just wondering how to find a guitar teacher and how are you as a beginner supossed to be able to tell if he knows what hes talking about?or would teaching myself be a better choice? any input guys?
Try asking at local music stores on in the yellow pages. And as far as a teacher talking above your head, they actually listen to you play and ask you what you want to learn ect in order to see where you're at.
Good Teacher:
Likes the same style as you.
Knows how to actually play guitar, like really good.
You understand them.
Don't smell.
Don't show off.
Don't try to rip you off by trying to make you buy a Marshall MG.
Knows music theory and all that ****.

Bad Teacher:
The exact opposite of the **** listed above.
haha thnx guys cause i had one for 3 months and he made me pay in advance and i only got 2 lessons the rest he never showed up for he would leave me messages like oh i went camping and im tired so i cant teach you lol
Wow. That guitar teacher was a dick. Well, ask your other friends who play guitar about their teacher(s), if they have one. That's how I found mine--through a friend.

And no, it's not good to teach yourself, unless you are like Dime, and that is a one in a trillion chance. I've been playing for 5 years and took lesons for like, 2 years, I think. If someone at the Ultimate-Guitar forums saw me play and asked me musical questions, I'd have the intelligence level of someone who's been playing guitar for a year.

It's horrible, man. Don't ever do that to yourself. It's my only regret. Right now, though, I'm just now getting into lead guitar. But for right now, I'm teaching myself until I actually sign up for classes with my guitar teacher.
well a guitar teacher, should love the same music that you do. i have a friend that loves death metal and all that stuff, and got stuck learning coldplay ( xD).

a guitar teacher must help you learn how to play the guitar. but not teach you how to do everything as he does. he gotta help you design your own technic. we are talking about music. not maths.

he gotta play good though thats not the most important factor. he may be a good teacher and not be able to shred like a motha ****

you can ask him to show you some degrees from any conservatorium or something to check if he learnt proffetionally.

and of course check that you love how he teachs. for example i have a friend that his teacher, teaches him the EXACT solo of the song that they study. he doesnt teach them scales and improvization.
MY teacher, teaches me scales and we improvize even if the solo of that song is easyer than the "happy birthday to you" song. he helps us develop creativity, the teacher of a friend teaches him to play like a robot.

so thats all i can think about it now. hope ya get a good teacher
no teachers. you will develop their chops and style. make your own
if you'd believe me i'd tell you everything
^ how the hell can you develop your "Signature" style without guidance... that was a damn stupid thing to say
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no, it's very intelligent. your just too stupid to understand.
if you'd believe me i'd tell you everything