i first put this up a few months ago, but it has undergone some large changes so i thought that i might put it on again.

i'm also happy to do crit 4 crit
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The Search [GP5] C4C
I really like the title, first off. Network of Knives. Gives me something to expect.

The intro is different. Kind of original. I like it.

I do not, absolutely do not like the chorus. I just sounds bad.

The Pre-Verse sounds good. Has a very good sound to it, in my opinion.
And the Verse is great. It sounds awesome. I think you should do some harmonzing there, actually. That would REALLY fill it out well!

Pre-Chorus is okay. It's really drug out though. Like you were trying to kill time or something.

I didn't like the start of the solo. The uberfast line on the high E. Meh.
For the next staff, everything sounds good. After that, it sounds good, but it sounds kind of off beat. Ya know what I'm saying? Like, it's not staying with the time rhythm like it should or something. It just sounds a little off beat.

Overall, it sounds pretty good.
I think you should do something with the Chorus, and work a little more on the solo.

Good job!
Spiral Out
Well, let me say that I liked all your riffs. They were all good. But the problem is that the song doesn't flow well. Is seems that when you go from chorus to verse, or verse to pre-chorus, it is sudden. Kind of unexpected. I don't find that it flows well. You need some sort of transition from the chorus to the verse. The pre-verse that you have doesn't cut it though. The solo also left something to be desired. You played around in different keys, but personally; I would have liked a fast solo in the same key better. It either needs to be faster, or you need to redo it. I know you are going for that melodic solo, but this isn't doing it too well.

Sorry if I'm harsh, but I think that if you play around with some of the riffs (maybe add a riff here and there) this song will be awesome. It is definitely a cool song. You did do a good job my friend. It has great potential.
- FJ

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its a good song, i love the title, network of knives, sounds like somethings going to like, jump out and stab you cause its cool like that, but parts of the song, i dunno, just didn't really appeal to me like the intro, it just doesn't sound very well written, but its a good song overall
Well, it was ok. I was really digging the verse riff, I got into that. But, the chorus was pretty bad dude. Try working on that a little more, the solo was decent, but the whole melodic theme to it didn't really fit the song well, you should of went with a more shred-like approach. Overall, I didn't think this song was that great, but it could definitely be good if you went back and fixed some of the riffs and make it flow a little smoother.