I've been thinking of getting a new bass, seeing as how I've had the same Fender knockoff for the past 3 years. It's alright, but I feel like I need to move up to something better.


Do you think it's worth getting a 5-string? I occasionally play in Drop-C tunings (eg beating the C string to death) so I thought it might be useful, but I'd have to get used to the fat neck...

My price range maximum is around $600

I heard SX basses aren't bad, even though they are extremely cheap.
How are Fullerton basses? They seem pretty nice, but again, they are extremely cheap.
Would they not be that much better than my J-Bass copy?


I was mostly leaning towards a Yamaha RBX374/774, or this older Jackson CMG bass that a local music shop has. It's got a P/J combination, and it plays pretty well.
What is the main difference bw the RBX374 and 774 besides the pickups though?
You could get a four-string and de-tune it (probably easier); 5-strings are pretty expensive from what I've seen. Jackson's aren't too well-known for basses, so I wouldn't go for it; I like Yamahas, though.
RBX 375 ? (or Ibanez SR305/505 and their kind?) dont be afraid of the "fat" neck, its not that fat, try a few before buying any.
I wouldnt worry at all about the 5 string issue. I tried some out the other day after play 4 strings for years and its actually quite natural and easy to play to play.
It really does not take that long to get use to a 5 string. Schecter has some great bass guitars for around $600 or under.I currently have a Schecter Studio 5 and it's great. The Ibanez Soundgear 5 string is also a very good bass. You might want to check eBay as well. There are some pretty good high end basses sometimes going for cheap,that is if you do not mine getting a used bass.
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Yeah I've been meaning to check out Schecter, but no stores around here carry em.

I might look into the Soundgear 5's... they seem pretty good
i had an sr 305 for 5 years, the only word to explain it is "excelent"
(didnt want to sell it, someone stoole it ( )
i ahve a fullerton 5 string is allright i wouldnt recommend it if u want a GOOD bass its not the best of the basses, out of a 5 id give her a 3.
go with an Ibanez, either an SR405 or SR505 depending on if you want black or mahogany finish. there's a major pickup difference in the two, but you can always have them replaced later.
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if you paly aot of drop C, i say get a 5 string. when i play drop C stuff, i usually tune the B string to C. has a better tone, and the string isnt flopping all around.

5 strings tend to me more than 4 strings, but EBAY can be your best friend. i just bought a 1400 dollar bass for 620 and should be here any minute (im so excited)

so check ebay and you should be happy.
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warwick rockbass series is pretty good for a cheaper bass
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I HAVE AN SX. I got it for $120 and is a decent beginner bass but in no way is it good enough for a 3 year player
I strongly recommend the Warwick Rockbass line. They're very good for the amount you pay.

But if you've been playing for three years, I'm guessing you are fairly advanced. So I'm going to suggest that you save up some more money and get something nice. A cheaper real warwick (corvettes are nice), possibly a stingray, or fender MIA.
I've been playing for 3 years, but not with any lessons or anything, so I'm not that great. I've only been really starting to practice scales and whatnot, so I guess I'm kinda behind in a way.

The only real reasons why I looked up SX and Fullertons was cuz I heard that they were pretty decent for the price.. and I'm a cheapass hahah.

Alright thanks guys, I'm probably gonna look more into the Soundgears and Rockbasses for now, or if I get some more money a Spector